On Jan. 29, 2010, Doctors Margaret Flowers and Carol Paris were arrested outside a hotel, at the Inner Harbor, in Baltimore, MD, where President Barack Obama was to give a speech. They were on a sidewalk outside the Renaissance hotel holding a banner. The doctors had a letter that they wanted to give to the President and/or one of his aides, re: Medicare for All. They were arrested for trespassing, according to to a police officer at the scene. Later after getting into a police car, this reporter was advised, the two doctors were released, without going to the local lockup. Each was then given" a citation" for trespassing. For background on this issue, check out Dr. Flowers visit to the White House, on Jan. 28, 2010, at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxziSRM6fdo

The Green Party of GA believes that everybody is entitled to quality health care as a human right. But 45,000 in the US die every year because care is too scarce, too expensive, or just unavailable. Unpayable medical bills are a factor in two thirds of all US bankruptcies, often incurred by people who had coverage when they first became ill or injured.

The villain in this picture is the private insurance industry, which rakes off a third of every health care dollar for its advertising, its bad investments, its huge profits and lavish executive compensation, and its vast billing and denial bureaucracies. Private insurers don't deliver health care. They stand between patients and doctors and collect tolls.

The Green Party believes taking parasitic private insurance companies out of the loop as Medicare does, is the only way to guarantee health coverage for everyone. The name for that kind of health care system is single payer, Medicare For All, and Although a Medicare For All legislation, HR 676 has been introduced in the Congress and is favored by most Americans and the overwhelming majority of Democrats in the polls, President Obama and the Democratic leaders in both houses have declared single payer off the table from day one.

It was creative nonviolent disobedience to unjust laws that put the black Freedom Movement of the 1950s on the map, and that made the antiwar movement of the 1960s a force presidents and congresses could not ignore.

The Georgia Green Party has endorsed the efforts of MobilizeForHealthCare.org to bring the power of civil disobedience to the struggle for health care. The next scheduled act of nonviolent civil disobedience will take place at the officeis of vampire private insurance companies on October 28th; and with your participation perhaps somewhere here in Georgia as well. Help us put real universal health care, Medicare For All back on the table in Georgia and across the country.

  1. Are you willing to be arrested in a nonviolent demonstration demanding Medicare For All, and that insurance companies allow the sick to be treated?
  2. Are you willing to take part in a nonviolent legal demonstration in support of those arrested?
  3. Are you an attorney that can defend arrestees in court or participate in their legal defense?
  4. Can you contribute bail money to help us get the arrested out of jail?
  5. Have you or anyone in your family been denied care by an insurance company, and are you willing to make your case public?
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